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   Example 1. Debt consolidation with existing mortgage.
 Before: Alberta debt consolidation John is paying for 6 different loans each month.
 Type of loan  Remaining to pay  Interest rate  Monthly repayments
 Mortgage  $150,000  6.9%  $1051
 Auto Loan  $20,000  9.0%  $415
 Credit Card  $9,000  16.5%  $240
 Department Store Card  $6,000  14.0%  $200
 PayDay Loan  $19,000  12.5%  $427
 Title Loan  $15,000  14.0%  $349
 TOTAL:  $219,000  --  $2,682
 After: Alberta debt consolidation John's monthly payments are reduced from $2,682 per month to $1,142 per month. He is saving $1,540 each month.
 Type of loan  Remaining to pay  Interest rate  Monthly repayments
 NEW Mortgage  $219,000  4.75%  $1,142
 Savings per month  $1540  (Every month John has extra $1540 in his pocket.)
   Example 2. Debt consolidation without a mortgage.
 Before: Alberta debt consolidation Wendy is paying for 3 different loans each month.
 Type of loan  Remaining to pay  Interest rate  Monthly repayments
 Auto Loan  $20,000  12.0%  $445
 Credit Card  $9,000  16.5%  $240
 Department Store Card  $6,000  14.0%  $200
 TOTAL:  $35,000   --  $885
After: Alberta debt consolidation Wendy's monthly payments are reduced from $885 to $561 per month. She is saving $324 each month.
 Type of loan  Remaining to pay  Interest rate  Monthly repayments
 NEW Personal Loan:  $35,000  8.9%  $561
 Savings per month  $324  (Every month Wendy has extra $324 in her pocket.)

Alberta debt consolidation strategies have become very desirable considering the importance of this region in the economic sustainability of Canada. Alberta is one of the worst hit regions in the wake of the Global economic recession and residents of the region have come to terms with this reality. Alberta residents are turning to several financial houses and debt management institutions to help them in cancelling their debts and consolidating their loans.

Alberta is a region of tremendous economic wealth-itís oil reserves as well as manufacturing sector has made the region one of the wealthiest places in Canada, this tremendous wealth has not stopped a significant percentage of the populace from incurring bad debts and low credit score. As a matter of urgency, the Alberta debt consolidation has become the last resort for most individuals caught in the debt trap to get their debt cancelled through the different types of debt consolidation techniques{ secured and non-secured}. Job losses within Alberta region became alarming in the wake of the Global recession, this has put lots of people in serious financial indebtedness.

The Alberta debt consolidation strategy has brought some relief upon those who have fallen victims of the recession , many debtors in Alberta have turned to debt solution organizations to resolve their problems. This has helped them in their re-financing plans, loan consolidation and general money management techniques. A lot of individuals are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of Alberta debt consolidation moves to bounce back and get their finances back on track.